Thursday, July 24, 2014

About me!

Hello there! How are you doing? Where should I begin?

My name is Jack Buck and I absolutely love anything to do with travel. I love the hotels, the cultures, the service, and most importantly the food! I think the food and the service are both in the running for first place in my mind. I absolutely love flying, and this may come as a shock to everyone out there, but I even love the food thirty thousand miles high.

To be honest, I'm actually a novice traveler. Growing up in England, my family and I would travel at least once a year. My mum loved warm places near the beach, so almost all of our trips were centered on the Mediterranean. Funnily enough, my most fond memories were those of me flying. When I was five to seven, I would never hang out in my seat next to my family. I was one of those terrors on the plane that went exploring and I usually ended up talking to the flight attendants the whole time.

Regardless, whatever my parents did, they installed a sense of adventure in me, and boy did I lust after it. In my teen years, my family moved to america and we stopped vacationing yearly like we had done in England. These absent years of holidays took its toll on me, and my desire to move and travel grew increasingly. I came up with a plan. I started to save up my pocket money just so I could go on cruises. It would take me years, but I never lived more than modestly. I never spent any of it on play-station games like most boys would. I saved it, and the first cruise I went on was when I was 16. It was a carnival cruise with a balcony stateroom to St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. We went snorkeling, kayaking, and even jeeping. In that first cruise, I learnt a lot about them, and instead of satiating my thirst, as soon as I got back I started saving up for my next one.

After my second cruise on Royal Caribbean, I wanted to go back to Europe, and more importantly, I wanted to go back home, which I hadn't done since moving to America when I was thirteen. My school was conveniently doing a Europe trip and I begged my mum to go on it in my senior year of high school. Finally, she agreed, and she managed to shift money around so she could pay for me to go. It honestly was a trip of a lifetime. With all my friends, we traveled to the ruins of Athens, the hills of Sorrento, the fountains of Rome, the canals of Venice, the ice caps of Zurich, the beer halls of Munich, and finally the rivers of the Rhineland. Did you like this little description? Because that's the best I can summarise in the about me section. I'll be sure to post a review/recap of that trip later. Anyways, it was a trip that started in Greece, went to Italy and Switzerland, and then ended in Germany. I, however, got my first real taste of traveling by myself after this, because I planned a whole extra excursion to go to south France where my aunt lived, and then to London where I stayed at the Marriott County Hall. This is where I learned all I could about train travel in Europe at least. I also learnt a lot of great ways to save money on hotels, which I'll talk about and share in this blog. After my week long stay in London, I went to northern wales, and stayed at a caravan site, which I have to say was a really unique experience.

So that pretty much sums up my traveling experiences thus far. Of course, you must be wondering why I am creating this blog. Well, you didn't think my Europe trip of the summer of 2013 would satiate my thirst did you? I hope not, because it only made me more parched and hungrier for more. And this coming spring, I've planned an even bigger, better, and more exciting trip than the summer of 2013! It'l be the Spring of 2015! and I'm staying in Europe for a whopping six months, bringing you the best reviews and needed information of the blogging world!

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